How to use Mirrors to Style your Home

Whatever the size and decor of your home, mirrors are a must-have accessory that can add value and style to your home. Here at Furniture Importers, we love a good mirror, so today we’re going to show you 4 reasons how and why you should have mirrors in your home.

  1. Create a sense of space

In a small home or room, mirrors can be key to making the space feel bigger. A mirror can really open the place up and create the illusion of the room being bigger than it is. Just be wary of forgetting about it yourself.

  1. Spread Natural Light

If you’ve any dark, shaded corners of the house, a carefully placed mirror will guide some of that much needed natural light, without the need for added lamps or light bulbs. The combined effect of added natural light, and extra sense of space can be the much-needed finish a small room needs.

  1. Create a window effect

A variation on the first point in this list, a rectangular or square mirror, when hung in the right place, can create the illusion of a window into another room. This can even be used in rooms that have existing windows. By hanging the mirror opposite the window, the reflection of the outside will solidify the illusion of another window.

  1. Use as art

Mirrors don’t have to be there to be looked into. Instead use them as an alternative to a piece of artwork, or indeed amongst several pieces of artwork. You’ll get the benefits of space-creation and light-spreading that mirrors are so highly praised for, as well as a simple, no-fuss piece of art. You can use a cluster of small mirrors, an unusual shaped mirror, or an intricately designed wood framed mirror.

Bonus Tip:

One thing to always be conscious of when using mirrors in your home, is to not use too many. Mirrors work well when used subtly, as pieces that complement your home, rather than overpower. After all nobody would like to live in a hall of mirrors!

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